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Spring 2005
Dynamic Duo

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London adds, “What I remember is Spence going out on the field with [linebackers] Brandon Chillar and Marcus Reese, and I thought, ‘Man, he already fits in. He looks like he’s been here for a while.’ He just looked real comfortable. I was sizing him up, seeing what he was doing and what I could do to add to it. It’s funny to look back at it now.”

In addition to their time on the field, the pair share time outside of football, such as a trip to Cabo San Lucas last spring. The Cabo trip was a rare break for the two seniors, who are gearing up for the 2005-’06 season with great anticipation.

“Two years ago, it was frustrating because we couldn’t move the ball to save our lives, so the defense was on the field all game. And last year we were able to move the ball, but we couldn’t hold anybody on defense,” Havner says. “But looking at the offense we had last year — well, I couldn’t believe we were the same offense. It was awesome. So I’m really excited.”

“Spence and I are going to be chasing each other,” London says, laughing. “We’re going to make each other better. When we get out there on the field together healthy, it’s going to be crazy. We’ve not really gotten the chance to do that yet because when I got back semi-healthy at the end of the year, he was banged up because he had been taking the bulk of the workload all season. So it’s going to be great now to feed off of each other.”

Senior Editor Wendy Soderburg writes about sports for UCLA Magazine.


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