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UCLA Magazine Spring 2005
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Spring 2005
What's at Stake

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Ziman: There are 38 million people in this state. We have to educate them. We have to do what we can do so that they become part of our economy, part of our environment, and if we don’t, it’s going to adversely affect California to the point where, as Henry says, we will have mediocrity, or even worse. So it’s imperative that we maintain quality and access. The Michigan model of using students from outside the state to pay the freight is, in my opinion, unacceptable for California. There’s no vision there. It is not furthering the goal of what this university should be for the state.

It’s imperative that we figure out how to meet these challenges and advance our objectives. We have a duty to bring our residents, our people of California, up to the highest educational caliber possible so that they, in turn, can give back to create an economy and a research environment, whether it’s basic, clinical, whatever it may be, that will give back to the community and will encourage the community to grow more.

Krouse: Striving for greatness and achieving greatness is a direct function of dynamism, not stasis. The idea that good may be good enough is anathema to anyone who is involved in this enterprise. “Good is good enough” translates into a kind of complacency that is a death knell for greatness. If the pressure we’re feeling because of the funding gap pushes us to a call to arms to create dynamism, it will enhance our ability to be competitive.

Garrett: We have no other choice.


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