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UCLA Magazine Winter 2004
From Murphy Hall
Dance in the Time of AIDS
Off the Wall
East Meets Westwood
Too Liberal?
Stemming the Nuclear Tide
Cyber Vision
Acting Local to Think Global
Bruin Walk

University Communications

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Winter 2004

Bruin Walk

Round and about campus

Edited by Anne Burke

Guess who I saw?
Extension brings together students, Hollywood heavy hitters

Fighting family cancers
UCLA registry aids people with inherited risk

The last patch
Campus home to disappearing coastal sage scrub

What’s so funny?
Laughter is therapy for club members

Make mine with fries
Little burger shack serves it good ’n’ cheap

Without borders
Engineering students build clinic in Thailand

Gathering at the UCLA Hillel Center
Photograph by Jonah Light

B’resheet — In the beginning. With that word, Rabbi Shmuel Miller, a scribe, or sofer, began the inscription of a new Torah scroll for the Yitzhak Rabin Hillel Center at UCLA. Writing a new Torah — the first five books of the Hebrew Bible — can take six months to a year to complete. The new Torah is the first ever written specifically for UCLA’s Hillel. The scroll was donated by Anna and William ’71 Tenenblatt and Judy Weintraub ’82.

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