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UCLA Magazine Summer 2004
Of God and Blue-Footed Boobies
The Providential Scholar
Of the Community, By the Community, For the Community
Good Fellows
The Perfect Storm
The Next Step
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Summer 2004
The Perfect Storm
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At his office on campus in the John Wooden Center, Mick DeLuca, UCLA's director of cultural and recreational affairs, explains the unforeseen challenges of being a truly all-inclusive university.

"Before Sean came along," he says, "what we considered inclusive was providing services upon request. When he came along, he showed us, with his personal drive and interest, that we could greatly improve what we offered."

DeLuca says the challenge for UCLA now is not just to make accommodations on request, but to truly integrate the university's recreational offerings so that abled and disabled can exercise and recreate side by side. To that end, the expanded Wooden Center fitness facilities will include cardio machines retrofitted for disabled users, and all campus swimming pools are being retrofitted with automated lifts for wheelchair users and others who are unable to enter the pool conventionally.

It is nearly noon now on that autumnal Saturday. The classroom presentation is over and the group breaks for lunch. Gjos wheels over to the steep, wide ramp leading down to UCLA's dock and looks out on the water. He's organized several events like this in the past few months and finds them the most rewarding thing SCORE is able to provide.

In the five years since his injury, Gjos has remained an avid hockey fan. He's maintaining a full-time work schedule as an investment analyst and consultant, and he spends his weekends outdoors, often maneuvering his hand-pedal bicycle around the Santa Monica bike paths.

Today, the marina waters look a little choppy and someone asks Gjos if he's worried about being in a kayak.

"No," he says. "I'm looking forward to it."

He pauses a beat, smiles, and adds, "I'm just worried about how I'm going to get down this ramp."


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