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Spring 2004 Bruin Walk

On Stage
Three Female Students of Theater

Theater major Heather Leimberg '04 made her Broadway debut in Hairspray, playing the parts of Tammy and LouAnn in the place of vacationing cast members. Despite having only one week to learn the parts before opening night at the Neil Simon Theatre in New York, Leimberg says she was well prepared. "With all that we do at UCLA, we definitely never have a chance to slack off," Leimberg (below, center) says. "The training is intense it thoroughly disciplines you to hone your craft and focus." Leimberg is the first student in the School of Theater, Film and Television's Ray Bolger Musical Theater Program to make it big. "I never expected this to happen so quickly," she says. "I thought I would finish college, move to New York and get an interesting job. Being thrust into this situation was crazy and exhilarating all at the same time."


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