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Spring 2004 Bruin Walk


Introducing the Class of 2004

Times have probably changed more than you care to think about since you donned your own cap and gown. To understand a little better the mindset of the latest batch of Bruins, we offer these factoids as they relate to the typical 21-year-old graduating senior:

The year they were born, a record $189-billion federal deficit was projected.

They were 1 year old when the Mac was introduced.

They were born into a world where AIDS was a household term.

Star Wars refers to Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, not the Cold War.

They were 6 years old when the Berlin Wall fell.

They can't fathom black-and-white television or getting up to change the channel.

The explosion of the space shuttle recalls Columbia, not Challenger.

Wearing seatbelts in cars and helmets on bicycles was always de rigueur.

On TV, anti-smoking public-service announcements replaced cigarette ads.

They have only known one pope during their lifetime.

They have no idea what Atari, Beta or 8-track tapes are.

They have always had MTV.

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