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Fall 2004 Bruin Walk

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Dare to go bear

Joe Batica and Idriss Taochy were wandering the BearWear aisles of the UCLA Store a few hours before catching a flight home to France when their eyes fell on a particular display. Grinning, they made their way over and asked a store employee to take a picture. The pair beamed as the camera snapped a portrait of them standing proudly in front of a rack of women’s UCLA-logo sports bras.

There’s no telling what BearWear will capture a shopper’s fancy. It might be a shirt, cap or sweats or something less traditional. In fact, there are more than 1,000 styles of emblematic items from which to choose, everything from UCLA-logo golf balls, footballs, barbecue aprons, umbrellas and chess sets to doggie dishes, infant and kiddie clothes, nightlights and a crib mobile that plays “Sons of Westwood.” There are pillows and tumblers and backpacks, and even a yellow rubber duck and a musical bottle opener.

BearWear is bullish; sales this year are expected to top $8 million, says Patrick Healey, UCLA Store general merchandise manager for apparel and accessories. “That’s a lot of stuff,” he says with a smile.

The Cottonaros of Lake Forest, Calif., came here to get some of that stuff for their year-old son, Jake. “We had a free afternoon so we brought him here for his first day at UCLA,” says Jeff ’98. “We are true-blue,” adds Arlene ’98, noting that Jake’s room is painted in blue and gold. “We’re getting him ready to be the same way.”

by David Greenwald


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