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Winter 2003 Bruin Walk

A Regental Role

Jodi Lynette Anderson
Photography by Reed Hutchinson '71

by Marina Dundjerski '94

Authenticity is important to Jodi Lynette Anderson. So much so, that when she applied to be the University of California's 30th student regent, she felt compelled to disclose that she does not relish speaking in front of a crowd or being in the spotlight. But, she added, when she is moved by a particular cause, she rises to the occasion.

"I have an understated style of leadership that way," says Anderson M.A. '02, a third-year UCLA doctoral student in education who will begin her one-year term in July 2004.

During this year of preparation, Anderson will sit on three regental committees: finance, investments, and grounds and buildings.

"Since I can't vote yet, I will be something of a diplomat," she says. "But I'm hoping to share some valuable perspectives and to have input this year as appropriate and necessary."

Her list of concerns touches all students: the impact of budget cuts on student services, ensuring access to all UC-eligible students and keeping the opening of UC Merced — already delayed until fall 2005 — on track.

To stay on top of everything, Anderson says she need only emulate her parents and grandparents, who, among other jobs, worked in the Central Valley's oil fields and canneries.

"When I occasionally feel overwhelmed, I just have to remind myself that I am truly privileged to be at UCLA studying something that I feel passionate about," Anderson says. "As long as I know that I am exerting as much effort as my parents and grandparents, I feel satisfied with myself and a bit less overwhelmed."

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