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Field of Dreams
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Pete Blackman ’62, J.D. ’67, administrative vice chancellor and chair of the committee that selected Guerrero (and who was himself a player under Coach Wooden from 1958-’62), says the new athletic director — who is an inductee in the UCLA Baseball Hall of Fame — understands the nature of UCLA athletics.

“Student-athletes are just that — both students and athletes — and here, in the historic tradition of UCLA, they have been students first,” Blackman says.

Among Guerrero’s tasks in his first year at UCLA was hiring new head coaches for football and basketball. His choices — Karl Dorrell ’87 for football and Howland for basketball — again reflect the prevailing wisdom at UCLA and Guerrero’s own commitment to having people on board who will recruit athletes who meet the profile for what is necessary to be successful both as students and as players.

At his inaugural news conference, Dorrell said his primary goal as new head football coach is “to reestablish UCLA’s tradition and our integrity in our football program.” Not that UCLA has been without integrity in its football program, “but I want to bring it to the front of the page instead of in the middle.”

Howland had similar words when he was introduced as the new head basketball coach: “Our players will graduate. That emphasis starts right here with me.”

Howland comes to UCLA from the University of Pittsburgh, where former interim Athletic Director Marc Boehm raves about his “unique and special way of getting those kids to go to class and take pride in their schoolwork.

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