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Summer 2003
Field of Dreams
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Then there is the universe of Kondos Field, Wooden and other highly successful coaches at UCLA and elsewhere who point to those less tangible qualities that can’t necessarily be chalked up on a stat sheet.

One effect of this philosophy is faith in the value — actually, the necessity — of high academic and ethical standards. Such standards are well ingrained at UCLA, where 60 Bruin student-athletes have been named Academic All-Americans, four have earned Rhodes Scholarships and hosts of others have received a broad variety of scholastic honors.

UCLA’s ongoing commitment to upholding these values is nowhere more evident than in the recent hires in the athletic department, starting with that of Athletic Director Dan Guerrero ’74.

Guerrero makes it clear that excellence in his program, both athletic and academic, will be an all-or-nothing proposition.

“The greatest challenge,” he says, “is to maintain an intercollegiate athletics program at the highest levels of performance while still graduating student-athletes who maintain high standards for academic achievement.”

Finding someone who understood the necessity of achieving that balance was critical to Guerrero’s selection for the job. Says Chancellor Albert Carnesale: “Dan will do an outstanding job. He knows that an athletic program must be successful in the classroom as well as on the field of competition.”

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