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Summer 2003
Getting In
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GPA: 4.04
AP/Honors semesters: 17
SAT I: 1260
SAT II (Math): 610
SAT II (Writing): 650
Senior year coursework: 12 AP, honors and other classes
Honors/Awards: National Honor Society, Kodak Young Leaders Award, school leadership award

Extracurricular activities: Volleyball team captain; four years’ varsity soccer; president school chapter California Scholarship Federation; AIDS Walk L.A. participant; convalescent hospital volunteer; tutor to underachieving students; volunteer service at Romanian orphanage.

Accepted for Admission

GPA: 4.04
AP/Honors semesters: 16
SAT I: 1240
SAT II (Math): 640
SAT II (Writing): 600
Senior year coursework: 9 AP, honors and other classes
Honors/Awards: School honor roll, Golden State Exams achievement
Extracurricular activities: Staff member on school newspaper; French club member; member of school chapter of California Scholarship Federation; member of softball team; school orchestra violinist.

Denied Admission

With nearly identical grades and test scores, both students were clearly qualified for admission to UCLA. What made the difference were key factors enhancing academics. In addition to taking a heavier course load in the senior year, the admitted student was involved in up to four extracurricular activities each year, was on the varsity soccer team four years in a row and demonstrated ongoing volunteer service as well as leadership. The student who was denied admission took fewer classes in the senior year, had only one or two extracurricular activities per year — none with great consistency — and had not participated as a leader.


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