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Spring 2003
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’69, J.D. ’72, ALUMNUS,

WHEN ANDREW KATZ was a young man deciding where he would go to college, he was most impressed by UCLA, with its high academic quality coupled with low tuition — not to mention a great gymnastics team he planned to join. Katz completed a B.S. in the school of engineering and then a graduate degree at the law school.

Some two decades after his graduation, Katz — now a partner with the law firm of Mitchell, Silberberg and Knupp in West Los Angeles — and his wife, Denise, whom he met at UCLA, helped their daughters, both of whom would major in theater, choose a college.

In addition to UCLA, Katz recalls, “Our older daughter, Shoshannah, seriously considered Sarah Lawrence, and our younger daughter, Marlene, considered NYU and Cal.”

They chose UCLA.

“They were impressed by the quality of the theater program,” Katz says, “especially at how highly rated it was in light of the cost of going anywhere else. And even though tuition at Cal would have been essentially the same, its theater program couldn’t compare with UCLA’s.”

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