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Spring 2003
The Challenge
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Spring 2003
The Challenge
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“You need a large research university like this because you really want to pull in faculty with different perspectives and backgrounds,” she explains. “We’re lucky to have a medical school and the other professional schools. And the faculty are very interested in providing UCLA students with this kind of wonderful beginning.”

The courses are rigorous, but students feel the challenge has been worthwhile as they embark upon their academic journey at UCLA. “If you can make it through this,” wrote one student, “you are ready for anything UCLA can throw your way.”

— Wendy Soderburg ’82


EVER SINCE VICTORIA VESNA, chair of Design | Media Arts in the School of the Arts and Architecture, and chemist James Gim-zewski, a member of UCLA’s multidisciplinary California NanoSystems Institute, engaged in their first public dialogue in 2001, they have been working together to develop projects that transcend art and science.

In these projects they seek to make nanotechnology — the science of the very small conducted on the scale of a billionth of a meter, or at the level of the individual atom — more accessible and understandable to the broader public. At the same time, they want to provoke a larger philosophical discussion about the impact of this emerging science on the culture of the 21st century.

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