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Spring 2003
The Challenge
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Spring 2003
The Challenge
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The Challenge
The UCLA family has never shied away from a challenge. Greatness can be thrust upon some as a result of timing or circumstance. For others, like UCLA, who have always had to do more with less, greatness requires a unique blend of creativity, imagination, perseverance, commitment, hard work and vision. By working together, we will ensure that UCLA continues its ascent among the world’s great institutions of higher learning.

Albert Carnesale is chancellor of UCLA.

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UCLA IS IN A UNIQUE POSITION to effect change, says Frank Gilliam, associate vice chancellor for community partnerships and professor of political science. As a world-class university located in one of the most diverse and vibrant cities on the planet, UCLA is able to marshal its significant resources, manpower and expertise in the service of tackling critical community issues.

Chancellor Albert Carnesale’s UCLA in LA initiative, with Gilliam at the helm, strengthens ties between the campus and community and enhances residents’ lives through more than 200 programs in the areas of health care, economic development, family wellness and the arts.

“We are in a fundamentally unique position among American universities in doing this kind of work at this great a scope,” Gilliam says. “We are the only public research university in a major city that is reaching out to the broader community to this extent.”

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