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And the winner is ...

And the winner is ...
In his later years, Tommy Trojan led a reclusive existence, building replicas of Royce Hall in the L.A. River and hurling insults at passing boaters.

Congratulations to William Aceves LL.M. ’96, who submitted the winning entry and will receive the original artwork by Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Tony Auth ’65.

Honorable mentions: Christine Hardy ’97 for “Help! Help! They’re only in the 4th Act of Richard III !” and Ellen Cho ’99 for “It’s OK! There’s nothing to be afraid of! All 6th-year seniors look like me.”

Entries: 140
Judges: 5
Farthest entry: New Zealand
USC references: 11
Parking captions: 7
Political references, including Saddam and weapons of mass destruction: 5
Grey Poupon mentions: 4

Thanks to all for your clever caption submissions!




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