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Homecoming weekend

Homecoming weekend

As you enjoy the events of Homecoming and Parents’ Weekend this fall (Oct. 24-26), there’s one thing you may not realize. The Homecoming Parade and Rally are put together almost entirely by student volunteers. This year, 10 students will virtually “do it all,” says Jillean Dubatowka ’04, executive director of the Student Alumni Association Homecoming Committee. From organizing the parade — which means obtaining the necessary permits, getting the route approved and notifying the merchants along the way — to recruiting student groups and members of the community for the parade and rally, the students work diligently to make it happen. “It is a lot of hard work,” says Dubatowka, who also volunteered last year. “But on the night of the event, it’s so cool to see everyone from different aspects of UCLA — the alumni and their families, students and the faculty — come together, hang out and show their spirit.”

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