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UCLA Magazine Winter 2002
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A beautiful Mind
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Winter 2002
A Beautiful Mind
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The result of Albritton's obsession with sheer philosophical puzzlement was that in a career that spanned half a century, he published no books and only five research papers. The joke in philosophy circles was that his last name was short for "All But Written." That, ironically, began as an Albritton family joke. Like his perfectionist son, Albritton's father, the research physiologist, was loath to publish his work.

In today's academic world of publish-or-perish, Albritton is a welcome reminder that there are some people, prolific writers included, whose contributions to the world lie not necessarily in what they leave behind but in their very presence. What made Albritton an extraordinary philosopher was that anyone engaged in almost any kind of work could talk to him and come away enlightened in some way.

"He could determine if you were making sense and help you understand what you were trying to say," says Carriero. "Few people have done it so well."


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