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UCLA Magazine Winter 2002
It's not your parents dorm anymore
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Winter 2002
It's not your parents dorm anymore

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The needs of these students will be much different, says Jack Gibbons, associate director of Residential Life. "They are more exit-oriented. As a result, we will begin to differentiate our services, target them to a different population."

To vie for the top students in the 21st century, the university needs to be able to provide university-owned housing to all who want it.

Hand in hand with the challenges come opportunities. More classroom space will be included in the new buildings. Academics in the Commons plans to expand its services with additional tutoring available in the high-rises. And the main lounge at Rieber will be redesigned as smaller rooms for individual study or group work.

With upperclassmen on The Hill, there may be new traditions established, including greater collaboration between older and younger students.

"It will be challenging and rewarding," says Gibbons of the changes ahead. "UCLA's residential program is very dynamic. It's constantly changing and growing, improving and innovating, trying to be ahead. Just like the rest of campus."


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