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UCLA Magazine Winter 2002
It's not your parents dorm anymore
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Winter 2002
It's not your parents dorm anymore

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"With most freshmen now living on campus, it is important to build a strong academic community, and to do that by weaving in a strong academic program that is a part of student life," says Judith Smith, vice provost for undergraduate education in the College of Letters and Science, of the clusters. "We really like the idea of bringing the lectures to the students' living room."

Smith notes that, unlike the original Sunset Village auditorium, which is primarily a performance space, the new hall at DeNeve was designed and built specifically as a teaching auditorium.

"We can have lectures there, we can screen films that are associated with the classes. There can be social activities associated with the classes students are taking," Smith says. "This all is a way to extend that period of socialization and building of a sense of community. Students come to see UCLA as a university that not only embraces them as students in the classroom, but also recognizes them as people who have interests outside of class, and that our goal is to help them to develop fully as citizens. These kinds of activities really enrich the total experience."

Additional Hill classes this year include Fiat Lux seminars, one-unit classes limited to 15 students that were born out of the university's desire to address the complexity of issues that arose in the wake of the September 11 attacks. Some of those seminars are led by Faculty in Residence — members of the faculty who, in exchange for 12 formal hours of programming with students, live rent-free in the residence halls. Thus, for example, a student in Professor of English Fred Burwick's Tuesday 4:20-5:20 p.m. seminar "Ghost Stories and the Rise of Experimental Psychology" at Hedrick Hall, where Burwick resides, can parlay topics raised in the course into a thoughtful discussion with him over dinner. In addition to the formal Fiat Lux seminar, Burwick offers hands-on workshops on writing term papers and produces an annual student-theater piece at the Northwest Campus Auditorium.

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