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UCLA Magazine Winter 2002
It's not your parents dorm anymore
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Winter 2002
It's not your parents dorm anymore

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Today through Academics in the Commons, which is a division of the College of Letters and Science, students can receive tutoring or attend workshops on everything from choosing a major to time management. There is an academic-mentoring network for first-year students, as well as counseling services.

Says Bruce Barbee Ed.D. '85, director of Academics in the Commons: "Let's put services where the students are."

The services obviously are popular with students, who line up hundreds deep to sign up for tutoring sessions. While waiting in the long lines, many are on their cell phones trying to locate friends elsewhere in the column that snakes through the plaza.

"Students are getting a value-added education by having their academic life happen not just in the classrooms on campus, but also in their residential setting," says Hanson.

Even if some students aren't immediately taking advantage of the services, they like knowing that they're available. "It's definitely positive that they are here," says Matt Rubin, a freshman from San Diego living in Hedrick Hall. "I'm not necessarily using them right now, but I probably will as things come up."

Four years ago when the College of Letters and Science unveiled the centerpiece of its revamped General Education program — a 15-unit multidisciplinary course that would span all three freshman quarters — it was held at the Northwest Campus Auditorium. This fall, six cluster courses are being offered on The Hill, with lectures in the 450-seat auditorium of DeNeve Plaza, the newest housing complex, and discussion sections held nearby at Covel Commons.

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