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UCLA Magazine Winter 2002
It's not your parents dorm anymore
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Winter 2002
It's not your parents dorm anymore
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With the integration of student life and academics on The Hill, living on campus today is a far cry from what most might remember from their college days

By Amy Ko '97
Photography by Ara Oshagan '88

"Residence halls, in addition to providing housing, shall serve as educational and social adjuncts to the campus."
— Chancellor Franklin D. Murphy,
UCLA Long-Range Development Plan, December 1963

COTTON-BALL CLOUDS garnish clear, blue, rain-washed skies on this perfect September day. It is the first Monday of the first week of the Fall Quarter, and the northwest corner of campus teems with backpack-toting students making their morning trek to class. Arriving on foot from every direction — from the residence halls, from across Gayley and up Strathmore avenues, from apartments and fraternity houses — they funnel onto Bruin Walk, the primary walkway to campus. The sounds of their voices and laughter mix with the buzz of cars and construction work at the new UCLA hospital rising just to the south, contributing to a dynamic urban vibe in what might otherwise be a tranquil community setting.


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