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Chancellor Albert Carnesale
"The principal challenge for us… is to be able to compete for the very best people — faculty, students and staff."

Q: Some professors have cited concerns that public universities are becoming faculty training grounds for private universities. Having worked at both privates, as provost of Harvard, and at publics, as chancellor of UCLA, what are your thoughts on this?
A: As I've said, competing for, recruiting and retaining the best people are increasing challenges. At the same time, I think it's important not to overstate it. One of the reasons why other universities are constantly trying to recruit UCLA faculty is because we have an excellent faculty. That's the principal reason. In that respect, as my mother would have said, "This is a good problem." Surely we would not prefer a world in which other universities did not admire our faculty and did not seek to attract them to their own campuses. The current situtation demonstrates the excellence of our faculty.

The more that the resource gap between public and private universities widens, the more difficult our challenge will be. But I hope we never see the day when the best private universities aren't trying to lure our faculty away. I just want to make sure that the rate at which they're successful doesn't increase and that we continue to attract some of their best faculty to UCLA as well.


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