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Q: What are some ways in which UCLA is making better use of its resources?
A: One example is to make better use of our facilities. Just this past summer, we expanded our summer school enrollment by 40 percent. We're expanding internships in Washington and Sacramento, where students can get real-life experience related to government. We're reviewing our curriculum and readjusting the number of units for some of our courses so there will be better opportunities for each student to schedule 15 units a quarter and stay on track to graduate in four years. And finally, in terms of the best use of resources and being able to attract the best people, we are ensuring that we make the kinds of investments in our capital programs that relate most to recruiting and retaining the best faculty. That includes things like student housing for both undergraduate and graduate students; modifying and enhancing our libraries; and building new laboratory facilities like those under construction now for physics and astronomy, and new research buildings like those for the life sciences and medicine. These are things that are important to attracting the best people.

Then we get down to enhancing our resources. We certainly hope that the state budget will improve, and we expect that it will improve, so in time that will produce more resources. With respect to federal funds, we've been very active and very successful in attracting more research funds from the federal government, funds that are competitively awarded. As a matter of fact, in the past four years, the funds from federal research have grown by more than 50 percent on the UCLA campus. We've been extraordinarily successful.

Finally, of course, and extremely important because of the versatility of the funding, is Campaign UCLA, the raising of private funds to enable us to be truly competitive with the great universities in the world. Here the success has been beyond what anybody would have imagined, but not more than is required to meet our needs. We didn't underestimate the needs; we underestimated the generosity of the alumni and friends of UCLA, so much so that we've been able to expand our goals and aspire to meet even more of our financial needs on the campus, needs related to ensuring that this university is the place at which the finest faculty, students and staff come together and collaborate to produce the very finest teaching, research and service.

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