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Spring 2002
Capital Steps
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THE influence of living in a changed world continues for the next group of UCLA students to head to Washington. At least one-fourth of the selected applicants for the Spring Quarter are focusing their projects on a September 11-related topic.

Communication studies major Cynthia Determan '02, for example, plans to research government expansion that has resulted from the attacks. "Prior to September 11, there was a trend to minimize government and cut back on bureaucracy. But September 11 changed the government's agenda to one that must provide security in this time of crisis," Determan says. "I chose this research topic because, although the events that took place on September 11 resulted in a lot of pain, I feel a lot of positive reforms have also resulted. Going to Washington right now opens up a tremendous learning opportunity for me: analyzing the history that is being made in our nation's capital."

Berman says he is encouraged by the enthusiasm and vigor of the students pursuing the Washington program.

"One of the remarkable things is the renewed interest in public service," Berman says. "The attack on America has had a lot of implication for young people regarding what they want to do."

As 30 more UCLA students prepare to head to Washington this spring, they will be greeted by the words of director Berman that are posted on the center's Web site:

"The events of September 11 have not dimmed our great vision for the future. Indeed, the very idea of public service has never been more important. For me personally, the words written on the seal of the University of California that are also inscribed above the front door of 1608 Rhode Island Avenue — 'Let There Be Light' — serve as a constant reminder not only of the future, but that young people like yourselves will help shape that world."

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