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Spring 2002
Capital Steps
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UCLA administrators are putting the word out, hoping to make the Quarter in Washington Program more appealing to students from other majors. There are plenty of opportunities, not just for political science majors, but also for students who are in the sciences or the arts, says Scott Waugh '70, UCLA's dean of social sciences.

"The program gives students an excellent opportunity to get firsthand experience, especially for those in majors related to policy and governance," says Waugh, who visited the students in the fall. "But beyond political science students, we try to encourage students from all fields to participate. Washington has a lot to offer to students in the arts, communications and many other fields."

Waugh adds that the program is trying to recruit faculty from myriad fields to teach at the center. "Now that the facility is up and running, we will be redoubling our efforts," Waugh says.

Administrators also have hopes that the UC Washington Center will become a hub of intellectual life, offering seminars, book readings and, perhaps in the future, press conferences in the facility's state-of-the-art auditorium.

Through his Director's Forum, Berman brings in influential leaders and thinkers to address the students on a regular basis. Speakers on the lineup have included: Rep. Bob Filner (D-San Diego), Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten, Europe magazine editor-in-chief Robert Guttman and Australian Ambassador to the United States Michael Thawley. (The UC center, coincidentally, is located across the street from the Australian Embassy.)

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