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Spring 2002
Why I Give
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ANDREW '69, J.D. '72


Andrew Katz wants everyone to connect. To get involved. To make a contribution as a proud member of the UCLA Bruin family. Many evenings and weekends, Katz appears before an audience of potential donors, new UCLA parents or other promising parties and, brimming with enthusiasm, runs through his points of connection.

"UCLA has afforded me the opportunity to be successful in my professional career," he says.

Katz is a partner with the law firm of Mitchell, Silberberg & Knupp LLP in West Los Angeles, where he specializes in corporate securities and finance, with an emphasis on asset-backed securitization. He received his J.D. in 1972 from UCLA's School of Law, following his B.S. in 1969 from the School of Engineering.

"UCLA is the place that educated my brothers and sisters," Katz continues.

His four younger siblings — Heidi, Pam, Jonathan and Benjamin — have undergraduate and graduate degrees in fields ranging from fine arts to medicine.

"UCLA is the place where I met my wife," he says. A fraternity brother had invited him to a dorm dance at Dykstra Hall. "He'd been to a dance there the week before, where he met a girl that he really liked," Katz recalls. "He said she was coming to the next dance and bringing one of her high school friends. He told me, 'Come to the dance, you might like her.' "

Her name was Denise, and he did like her. Two years later, they married.

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