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Spring 2002
A walk in the garden

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In addition, the sculptures are set so that they can be approached easily from all angles. In this sense, "few sculpture installations are as instructive about the nature of sculpture," Brenson writes. "It makes clear that sculpture must be walked around, seen from near and far and, perhaps most important, touched. In museums, sculptures are as untouchable as the paintings, to which they are therefore almost inevitably subservient. But here, your approach can be hands-on."

Many visitors from outside the university marvel at the garden's openness. And others sometimes worry about the safety of the pieces. But Murphy never had such concerns.

"Security-minded people said we would have to build a fence around the garden to protect it," Murphy told ArtNews in 1985. "It was feared vandals might spray obscenities on the nudes. At the height of the Vietnam difficulties, graffiti were scrawled elsewhere on campus and windows were broken. But the sculpture was not touched. The garden has an almost spiritual quality, you know. And the students understand that this is their garden. They protect it. I believe they always will."

a walk in the garden ......

Robert Graham, Dance Columns I and II (detail), 1978. Gift of Carol and Roy Doumani, 1980. Gerhard Marcks, Maja, 1941. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Warner and the UCLA Art Council, 1970. Deborah Butterfield, Pensive (detail), 1996. In memory of Franklin D. Murphy, a close friend of Marcia Simon Weisman. Given by the Marcia Simon Weisman Foundation with special thanks to the artist, 1997.
Francisco Z-iga, Desnudo Reclinado (Reclining Nude), 1970. Gift of Elsie Browning Ballantyne in memory of her mother, Rachel Teresa Browning, 1975. Aristide Maillol, Torso, c. 1938. Gift in honor of Franklin D. Murphy from Henry Ford II, 1976. 2001 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/ADAGP, Paris. All sculptures in the Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden, University of California, Los Angeles. Barbara Hepworth, Elegy III, 1966. Gift of Jean and Irving Stone, 1975. Alan Bowness, Hepworth Estate.

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