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Fall 2002
Great Expectations

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Guerrero’s former colleagues can’t say enough good things about him. Long says that Guerrero “is incredibly visionary, strategic, collaborative and positive. He probably knew every single student-athlete’s name, from the crew team to the men’s and women’s basketball teams.”

UCI’s men’s basketball Coach Pat Douglass calls him “a coach’s athletic director — hands-on, caring and involved. He will be able to tell you who’s available for recruiting and who everyone else is recruiting. He sees where he wants to be five years from now and sets the appropriate guidelines to get there.”

Members of UCLA’s Athletic Department are also impressed with Guerrero’s informal (“Call me Dan”) yet thorough style. “In the weeks after he was named athletic director, Dan was driving up to UCLA once or twice a week to get a feeling for the situation here, to get to know everybody and to learn who does what,” says Marc Dellins ’76, UCLA’s sports information director.

Guerrero, his wife, Anne Marie, and youngest daughter Katie, 16, have moved to Los Angeles while daughter Jenna, 20, attends Westmont College in Santa Barbara. The family is settling in while Guerrero gets used to his new, yet familiar, surroundings on campus.

“UCLA is where I belong,” Guerrero says firmly. “I can remember when I wore those four letters across my chest, there was a bond that I had with Jackie Robinson and Rafer Johnson and all those people who were great Bruins. They were my great Bruins, and I feel once again that I am a part of that.”


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