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Fall 2002
Coming Home
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Pioneers listen intently to tour guide Andrew Shaw '02

"Dean Rieber was a very handsome, imposing gentleman with white hair, and he always wore a beautiful gray suit," Goldman says. "One thing I'll always remember about him: He once said that the mark of a gentleman is cleaning the washbasin after using it in the lavatory."

As the Pioneers approach Dickson Plaza, the green swatch bounded by the campus' four original buildings - Powell Library and Royce, Kinsey and Haines halls - the emotion bubbles. "This looks familiar," Goldman says, smiling ear to ear. "Now I know where I am."

Inside Powell Library, the Pioneers are given a tour by College Librarian Eleanor Mitchell, who offers them both a glimpse of the old and a peek at the future. They warmly touch the old brick walls in the basement that were once the exterior of the building. They check out the 24-hour study rooms and the College Library Instructional Computing Commons. "When we were here, we never even learned to use a typewriter," Moss exclaims.

IT IS LUNCHTIME at the Faculty Center. During their meal, the Pioneers reminisce about classes they took at UCLA and it is easy to imagine one is listening to a group of 18-year-old freshmen chatting about their professors. One of the most memorable instructors was Evalyn Thomas, a woman given to wearing heavy white face powder, high-collared dresses and who taught Shakespeare, Greek drama and public speaking and directed the school's annual Greek drama.

"I remember our voice lessons in Evalyn Thomas' class: 'ma-za-ska-ah,' " Balthis enunciates. "She always used to make us practice saying that."

"She was weird," Moss interjects.

"But I liked her," Goldman says.

"That was so far away and long ago," Moss adds.

"Just like yesterday!" Balthis says.


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