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Fall 2002
Coming Home
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Harry Zide ('26-'29)

Moss was the only woman enrolled in a parliamentary law class. As a joke, her male classmates elected her Sergeant-at-Arms. "They would say to me, 'Sergeant-at-Arms, it's too warm in here, can you open the window?' " Moss recalls. "Or 'Sergeant-at-Arms, it's too cold, can you close the window?' I went along, they were only teasing." Women's suffrage had been in effect less than a decade. "I started coming to class a little bit late because they were telling dirty jokes all the time," Moss says. "It's not that I didn't enjoy them, I just thought I shouldn't be there."

Frosh men also had to undergo their own rites of passage. Zide, who took premed classes at UCLA from 1926-'29, says he defiantly refused to buy a required beanie — "That was the only smart thing I did," he says with a laugh — to avoid being hazed. But being found out could have brought down the wrath of upperclassmen. How did he manage to keep a low profile? As an ROTC cadet, Zide wore his uniform to school. "Maybe that did it," he says.

Holly Halsted Balthis '29

STUDENTS TODAY can find entertainment a few minutes away from campus in Westwood Village or the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. In the mid-'20s, the Cocoanut Grove at the now-closed Los Angeles Ambassador Hotel was the premier nightspot. Tuesday evening was celebrity night, and such headliners as Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra — he was the bandleader who commissioned George Gershwin to write "Rhapsody in Blue" — Bing Crosby, Harry Barris and other members of the Rhythm Boys graced the stage with songs from the Jazz Age like "It Had to Be You."

"Our toes were tapping, our thumb and middle finger were snapping," Balthis says. "And to think that we knew every word to every song."

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