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Fall 2002
Coming Home
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WHILE some traditions — like the UCLA-USC rivalry — are alive and well, others have gone by the wayside in recent years. This October, the campus is bridging the gap between once and future Bruins by reinstating festivities like the Homecoming Parade and Founders' Day.

Reference Librarian Lise Snyder demonstrates new Internet technologies in the College Library.

"The Alumni Association is reinvesting in tradition," says Keith Brant '83, M.A. '88, Ph.D. '95, executive director of the UCLA Alumni Association and assistant vice chancellor of Alumni Relations. "We feel that today's students don't have an appreciation for what happened in the past. Part of that is our own fault for not investing more resources in telling students about the history of the campus."

Today, there are 482 Pioneer Bruins — the majority in their 90s, some older — living in Southern California. Many spiritedly attend the Bruin Pioneer Reunion each fall. (This year's will be November 10.)

"Their pride in being a Bruin really inspires me," says Andrew Shaw '02, who leads the tour. "They are so loyal and excited about being back on campus that it motivates me to remain active and to stay in touch."

Goldie Jacobson Moss '29

The Pioneer Bruins' memories of attending UCLA in its early years are precious — and a far cry from those of more recent Bruins. Imagine, for example, taking a 7-cent trolley ride to get to campus. Or being the only female in your class. Or, if you are a frosh guy, having to wear a beanie, or a green button that says "Fresh" if you are a frosh girl. Picture a graduation ceremony in the Hollywood Bowl.

"I remember walking down the Bowl steps in my cap and gown, looking down at my feet so I wouldn't fall," recalls Goldie Jacobson Moss '29.

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