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Winter 2001
1st Among Firsts
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Pat and I will never forget when Chuck and Sue accepted our invitation in 1987 to come to Indiana for our Little 500 weekend bicycle-race festivities. What makes it indelible in our memories is our image of Sue, who would not tolerate second-hand cigarette smoke, reacting as a guest at our dinner table, a prominent judge and civic leader, lit up. Without a word, she delved into her handbag and brought out a tiny battery-powered fan, turned it on and blew the offending smoke back at the smoker. At first, he was dumbfounded, then he laughed along with all the rest of us. Sue was right, and she was vindicated.

Sue and Chuck were excellent travel companions, always eager and interested to learn about people and places. We enjoyed many wonderful times together, dining, traveling, visiting and, especially, impromptu singing. It was during one such entertainment that Sue learned, but could hardly believe, that one of my favorite songs is "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam." While many of our group thought this was hilarious, Sue took me seriously, and when UCLA celebrated Chuck's long, successful tenure as chancellor with a spectacular banquet, she personally requested of Henry Mancini, who was entertaining at the piano, that he play my favorite song. His response was quite emphatic: "Sue! You've got to be kidding!" That's one time that Sue Young did not get her way.

Our mutual fondness for "Sunbeam" led us to create a two-member Sunbeam Society. We were open to new members, but never found any. Chuck and Pat were "candidate members," but they never pressed for full inclusion in our elite group.

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