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Spring 2001
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Each time UCLA and UC officials have asked him for help, Welinsky has answered their call, officials say gratefully.

On his 50th birthday, friends threw him and Tuttle, now Los Angeles City Controller, with birthdays a few days apart, a surprise party at the James West Alumni Center where many of their friends contributed to a scholarship to be offered in their names. The first award will be given out this year to a political-science major.

"It makes me feel really good," says Welinsky, who does not shy from the label "lobbyist."

"There's nothing you can do to make a saint out of a lobbyist for the tobacco industry," he reasons, "because you know ultimately, the end result is not in the best interest of society. But when your goal is to help UCLA and UC, it's the reverse. There's nothing you can do that's terribly bad because the university impacts so many lives in so many positive ways.

"Legislators understand I'm not doing this to enrich myself or the company from which I earn a living," Welinsky says. "What I do is designed to enrich society as a whole. It enriches legislators' constituents who are students and the beneficiaries of UC and UCLA research. So it's worthwhile doing."

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