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Spring 2001
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Peccei is optimistic and says he foresees three future accomplishments of the CNSI, although with different degrees of likelihood. "One thing I'm sure will happen," he says, "is the CNSI will be training a different and new generation of graduate students who are much more broadly multidisciplinary. We will be training physicists who will understand biology at a good operating level, or computer scientists with a good foundation in material sciences. I am sure there will be some very interesting, new and quite successful industry-university collaborations that will emerge from this."

Then Peccei adds a footnote. "Another thing I wish very much to happen, but I'm less sure about, is that some great science will emerge from the institute. That's always much harder to predict, but there are certainly some spectacular things going on already in nanosystems, and there's a good chance they will come to fruition in CNSI."
Gary Taubes is a Los Angeles-based science writer. His last article for UCLA Magazine was "The Hot Zone" (Summer 2000).


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