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Winter 1999

20th-century Bruins
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Gridiron Greats: Karim Abdul-Jabbar, Troy Aikman, Burr Baldwin, Gary Beban, Paul Cameron, Kenny Easley, Gaston Green, Kevin Jordan, Billy Kilmer, John Lee, Freeman McNeil, Cade McNown, Donn Moomaw, Tom Ramsey, Jerry Robinson, Don Rogers, John Sciarra, J.J. Stokes, Eric Turner, Wendell Tyler, Kenny Washington, Bob Waterfield.

Multisport Stars: Denise Corlett (basketball, volleyball, badminton), Keith Erickson (basketball, volleyball), Rafer Johnson (track & field, basketball), Jackie Joyner-Kersee (track & field, basketball), Jonathan Ogden (football, track & field), Jackie Robinson (baseball, basketball, football, track & field), George Stanich (basketball, track & field), Natalie Williams (basketball, volleyball)

Runners, Jumpers & Hurlers: Amy Acuff, Evelyn Ashford, Willie Banks, Ato Boldon, Gail Devers, Greg Foster, John Godina, Florence Griffith Joyner, Mebrahtom Keflezighi, Steve Lewis, Mike Marsh, Mike Powell, John Smith, Kevin Young.

Setters, Diggers & Spikers: Karch Kiraly, Kirk Kilgour, Ricci Luyties, Liz Masakayan, Doug Partie, Larry Rundle, Sinjin Smith, Ernie Suwara, Elaine Youngs

Diamond Dazzlers: Sue Enquist, Lisa Fernandez, Eric Karros, Troy Glaus, Tim Leary,Torey Lovullo, Dot Richardson

Country Club Sportspersons: Tennis -- Arthur Ashe, Jimmy Connors; Golf -- Kay Cockerill, Steve Pate, Corey Pavin; Swimming/Water polo -- Mike Burton, Stan Cole, Brian Goodell, Dan Hackett, Tom Jager, Robin Leamy, Karen Moe Thornton, Alex Rousseau, Annette Salmeen, Matt Swanson

Vaulters & Strikers: Gymnastics -- Tim Daggett, Mitch Gaylord, Leah Homma, Sharon Shapiro, Stella Umeh, Peter Vidmar; Soccer -- Paul Caliguiri, Brad Friedel, Cobi Jones

Future Fab Five: These current student-athletes will one day be added to this illustrious group: Danny Farmer (football, volleyball), Maylana Martin (basketball), Stacey Nuveman (softball), Kristee Porter (volleyball, track & field), Seilala Sua (track & field).


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