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Winter 1998
In a League of Their Own
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With the progress of the '90s has also come a time for some sad good-byes. Bruin stalwarts Holland, Billie Moore and Sharron Backus have moved on to other challenges. Recently, there was the saddest good-bye of all as the Bruins' own Hall of Famer, FloJo, died at the tragically young age of 38.

New leaders and athletes who are products of Title IX have stepped in to guide UCLA into the next millennium. UCLA has its first second-generation scholarship athlete in track and field's Bummi Ogunleye, daughter of 1970s track and field standout Modupe Oshikoya. Associate athletic director Betsy Stephenson, who replaced Holland in 1996, says she experienced little gender differentiation growing up, either as a competitive athlete in high school and college or as a sports administrator. But since her older sister did not have the same opportunities, she maintains a keen sense of history -- something that most of today's young athletes unfortunately lack.

"All kids think they just invented life!" says Bolden.

Coaches say that today's female student-athletes also tend to get so focused in high school on earning an athletic scholarship that they forget to refocus their athletic goals once they reach campus -- and might even forget to have fun playing the sport they love.

Stephenson and the Bruin coaches hope to re-instill some of the history, and the upcoming silver anniversary celebration should help. On May 1, a gala dinner will be held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, and the next day a more casual brunch for former and current athletes will take place on Spaulding Field.

"In the 25 years we've had sports here, things have changed so dramatically," says Stephenson. "I want the kids to understand what Annie Meyers and Dot Richardson went through. We need to know the history to understand where we've been -- and to relish where we're going to go."

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