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Winter 1998
In a League of Their Own
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Nina Grouwinkel, Terry Condon, Leslie Knudsen, Denise Corlett, Linda Robertson, Jeanne Beauprey, Michelle Boyette, Liz Masakayan, Merja Connolly, Ann Boyer, Holly McPeak, Patty Orozco, Daiva Tomkus, Elaine Youngs, Natalie Williams, Marissa Hatchett, Annett Buckner, Kara Milling
SCWIAC (1975), WCAA (1978, 1983), Pac-10 (1986, 1988-'90, 1992, 1993), DGWS (1971), AIAW (1974, 1975), NCAA (1984, 1990, 1991)
Magic moment: With UCLA down 13-7 in the fifth and deciding game of the 1984 NCAA championship in Pauley Pavilion, star hitter Liz Masakayan spiked the ball out of bounds. But the referee called Stanford's blockers for a "touch" -- a ruling that could still be debated -- and UCLA went on to pull out the game, and the title, 15-13. (Coincidentally, another "phantom touch" call went Bruin Elaine Youngs' way in the 1991 championship game, again at Pauley, helping UCLA pull out another title after having been down 0-2 to Cal State Long Beach.)

Water polo (since 1995)
Notables: Nicolle Payne, Coralie Simmons, Catherine von Schwarz
Championships: National Collegiate (1996-'98)
Magic moment: The Bruins beat Cal last season to win their third straight national title in front of the biggest crowd ever for women's intercollegiate water polo. Making the victory even sweeter is that it was close to home (at USC), so family and friends could share the triumph.

Once a Bruin -- Still a Bruin
These former standout athletes now bring their expertise to coaching/administration for the new generation of UCLA sportswomen. Jackie Tobian-Steinmann '52 (golf)
Tam Breckenridge '79 (administration)
Sue Enquist '80 (softball)
Cyndi McCullam Gallagher '83 (swimming)
Jeanette Bolden '85 (track and field)
Kim Poppa Jagd '87 (volleyball)
Valorie Kondos '87 (gymnastics)
Stella Sampras '91 (tennis)
Kelly Inouye-Perez '93 (softball)
Lisa Fernandez '95 (softball)
Traci Arkenberg '99 (soccer)


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