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Summer 1998
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The screenwriting program, long one of the department’s strongest, can now boast of an astonishing list of big-time screenwriter alums. Last summer’s top four films were all written by UCLA educated screenwriters: Con Air (Scott Rosenberg), Jurassic Park: The Lost World (David Koepp), Face/Off (Michael Colleary) and Men in Black (Ed Solomon). Add to the Summer ’97 hit list the box office success George of the Jungle (Audrey Wells) and the critically acclaimed independent picture, Ulee’s Gold (Nunez). UCLA’s critical studies program in cinema came into full flower at the end of the seventies and is today flourishing. More and more universities nationwide now offer classes in film history, theory and criticism, and of the new generation of film educators, many studied at UCLA. Film preservationists and archivists trained at UCLA now do important work at the UCLA Film and Television Archive, the Sundance Institute, the American Film Institute and other major repositories for motion pictures. With the digital revolution already bringing about dramatic changes in how movies are made and distributed, the UCLA film program is moving into its second half-century of educating not only America’s future filmmakers, but its future filmgoers as well.

Jon Lewis is Professor of English at Oregon State University. His most recent book, The New American Cinema, is published by Duke University Press.


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