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Spring 1998
Boo Who?
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Winning and losing -- they are only temporary. Just because your team loses, you’re not a loser, and just because your team wins, you’re not automatically a winner. If this unpopular position was taken by many more of us, sports would be a better outlet for expressing our aspirations as fans. Even more importantly, sports would be better for our kids.

So lighten up, won’t you? Enjoy sports for what they are. Pure entertainment. Fun and games. Play hard and fair and respect your opponent. Be gracious in victory as well as defeat. Never give up; always give your best. And go ahead, pour your passion into your team. But if your team doesn’t win, remember they’ll be back to play another day.

Did I mention that it’s only a game?

B.J. Violett, managing editor of this magazine, regrets yelling at his kickball classmates in grade school.

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