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Spring 1998
Boo Who?
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Root long and hard for your favorite team, but try to keep the games we watch and play in perspective

by B.J. Violett í81
Illustrations by Gary Panter

Sitting in the stands at Pauley, listening to the moaning and whining -- sometimes even booing -- I feel more like Iím back on an elementary schoolyard than surrounded by educated, supposedly sophisticated adults. Fall a few points behind, and the chatter starts: ďJ.R. isnít trying!Ē ďToby is the worst three-point shooter!Ē Before the game is close to over, fans are criticizing Coach Lavinís rotation and his ability to prepare the team: ďHow can these guys miss so many free throws -- donít they ever practice?Ē

Absurd comments all.

If those ďfansĒ put half their negative energy into cheering and supporting the team, Pauley might be a louder and more intimidating place in which to play. And it would help inspire our team to victory. Remember last yearís Duke game, when the electricity in Pauley was spine-tingling and the crowd roar deafening? Itís not always like that. Because itís easier to go negative than positive.

But itís only a game, right? Not life and death. Not even love and marriage. So why do we feel so much better when we win, when our team wins? Letís see: When our team wins, that makes us winners. Hmm. Then when our team loses, that makes us losers? Truth is, we all win some and lose some. Itís what makes us human and life interesting. In the end, itís only a game.


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