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Fall 1998
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BT: Steve's a little younger than I am. He's like I was when I got my first job; this is my last one. I'm smelling the roses, baby. I'm enjoying it. Steve is young and single, I see a lot of me in him when I was that age. But he's trying to prove himself like we all are and I think there will come a point in his life when he'll take up golf or enjoy his life a little bit more than he does right now. He's working his fanny off and he's doing a great job. But I think he'll realize, once he gets in more of a comfort zone, that "I'm going to enjoy my life, too."

SL: What you have to understand, too, is the way in which I inherited the program made it a necessity to kind of make it more stable. I was named the interim coach a week before the first season, so what the program has needed is to calm the waters. But eventually to think about a home, about being married and having kids and a more balanced life, a life more like my parents'. They raised six children and are enjoying their retirement. That's ultimately what you're trying to do, just like the student athletes that come here — to build that foundation in your career so some day you can enjoy what you've done.

The broad-based Bruin family, they understand what college athletics are supposed to be about, which is developing a total person. Not just an athlete who can catch passes or hit a jump shot, but a total person who is hopefully better prepared for life after his UCLA experience. As much as they want to beat USC or win a national championship, they also understand there is a bigger picture than just that. They want both, obviously, and that's our goal as well — win the games and develop good people. People who read this magazine and who have come through UCLA and have a sense of how special this place is — our job is to uphold that tradition. There is an incredible standard of excellence, not only currently but also historically. Our job is to keep that going.

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