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For Them You'd Go Back to School

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Summer 1996
Luckman Distinguished Teaching Awards
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For Them, You'd Go Back to School
Five who teach us what teaching is all about

By Michele Kort '71, M.B.A. '75

There's a good chance that most of us could count the number of great educators in our lives on the digits of one hand. There's the teacher who got you excited about a subject you thought you hated. There's the one who inspired you to travel, having opened your eyes to new worlds. Then there's the one who upended your prejudices. And the one who nurtured your professional dreams. And -- who could forget? -- the teacher who taught you to think.

Here we present a full hand of UCLA's best educators: the five tenured faculty winners of the 1996 Harriet and Charles Luckman Distinguished Teaching Awards. Nominated by academic departments (on the recommendation of students and fellow teachers) and selected by the Committee on Teaching of the Academic Senate, each honoree receives a $6,000 stipend along with the award.

Those chosen have little in common in respect of their areas of expertise, yet they share the corny-but-true characteristics of all great teachers: tirelessness, purpose and passion. They're the kind of teachers you wish you could go back to school for.


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