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Back Issue - January 2018

Sea-ing Change
Sea-ing ChangeThousands of citizen-scientists are helping researchers save kelp forests, thanks to a UCLA geography professor.
Jan 22, 2018
Ancient Art Uncovered
Ancient Art Uncovered A new method enabled scientists from UCLA and the National Gallery of Art to reveal precise details on an Egyptian painting.
Jan 17, 2018
Climate and Community
Climate and Community Jon Christensen’s passion is for people and how they understand and are affected by the environment.
Jan 1, 2018
Diving Into Film
Diving Into Film Karina Silva has applied the skills she learned as an athlete towards her career in cinematography.
Jan 1, 2018
Making it Last
Making It LastThere’s now a SCIENCE to help us keep our New Year's resolutions.
Jan 1, 2018
A Fine Figure
A Fine FigureUCLA’s North Campus is home to a number of works by renowned sculptor Robert Graham.
Jan 1, 2018
Spin City
Spin CityWatching Capoeira Batuque will make your head spin.
Jan 1, 2018
The New Urbanscape
The New UrbanscapeUCLA’s cityLAB is working with campus partners to pioneer changes in how we use physical spaces during a digital era.
Jan 1, 2018
Artists Teaching Artists
Artists Teaching ArtistsSince the 1960s, UCLA’s visual arts program has attracted premier working artists to nurture the next generation of talent.
Jan 1, 2018
Title I
Title IMembers of UCLA's champion 1978 women's basketball team recall what basketball was like then, and how the game has changed.
Jan 1, 2018
Winter 2018 Happenings
Winter 2018 Happenings A Bruin guide to the season’s best in UCLA arts and culture, sports and alumni events.
Jan 1, 2018
Food Fiction
Food Fiction Forget what you think you know about good and bad foods — you may be surprised by what food facts are food myths.
Jan 1, 2018
CAP Goes Downtown
CAP Goes Downtown CAP UCLA brings new events and opportunities to downtown L.A.
Jan 1, 2018
Remember Me
Remember MeA children's book written by a UCLA alum helps children understand Alzheimer's disease.
Jan 1, 2018
Gone Today, Hair Tomorrow
Gone Today, Hair Tomorrow Hair loss may not be as permanent as once thought.
Jan 1, 2018
Notable Quotable
Notable QuotableProfessor Edmond Hewlett D.D.S. has a bit to say on cosmetic dentistry procedures.
Jan 1, 2018
Moment in the Sun
Moment in the SunWith the help of a UCLA space physicist professor, we are going closer to the sun than ever before.
Jan 1, 2018
Defeating Depression
Defeating DepressionUCLA is bringing together 100 researchers to address this ravaging illness.
Jan 1, 2018
Holiday Cheer at the Children’s Hospital
Holiday Cheer at the Children’s HospitalPatients and their families enjoyed a play-filled day at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital, with Barbie, Santa and the Laker Girls.
Dec 20, 2017