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Back Issue - January 2008

Saving Grace
On the home-front and in the war zone, Bruins are helping to heal soldiers and protect civilians whose lives have been torn apart by the war in Iraq.
Jan 1, 2008
Battle of the Sexes
How does the UCLA women's basketball squad prepare for bouts with some of the country's toughest teams? They pit themselves against men.
Jan 1, 2008
Clothes Make the Band
For decades, the UCLA Bruin Marching Band has wowed the Bruin faithful with its Solid Gold Sound, a twirling, whirling mash-up of musical goodness. The history of the band's many different uniform styles is just as colorful and, sometimes, even controversial.
Jan 1, 2008
First Response
The United States does not have an early-warning system to prepare for a deadly flu outbreak or bio-terrorism attack, let alone the ability to identify exactly what the threat is and where it comes from. But it will soon — and the solutions may well come from UCLA.
Jan 1, 2008
Generation Next
Baby Boomer UCLA faculty are retiring by the hundreds and a new generation of scholars will take their place. Who are they, where will they come from, and what will it take to keep them here?
Jan 1, 2008