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Back Issue - April 2006

The Wizard &
The Miracle Worker

Coach Wooden sitting down and smilingUCLA's legendary basketball coach John Wooden and gymnastics genius Valorie Kondos Field share the love and trade coaching tips.
Apr 1, 2006
The Download Dilemma
Green, blue bee illustrationUCLA is leading the search for solutions to the download dilemma: how to reconcile the student desire for downloads and the corporate (and artistic) desire for copyright protection.
Apr 1, 2006
The Gospel
According to Los Angeles

Gospel hip-hop singer Teddy BrooksLos Angeles plays a pivotal role in gospel music history. UCLA's gospel archiving project is preserving the stories, songs and colorful past of that rich heritage
Apr 1, 2006
UCLA takes lead in preserving gospel music
Singer Mahalia Jackson on stageUCLA's Ethnomusicology Archive and the Heritage Music Foundation joined forces to create Gospel Archiving in Los Angeles (GALA).
Apr 1, 2006
Hard Labor
Black and white worker photoThe first national study of day laborers paints a bleak picture. A report from street level.
Apr 1, 2006
The Hydrogen Highway
The Hydrogen HighwayUCLA Engineering is studying hydrogen power - and a pair of "F-Cell" sedans lets the team "drive the future."
Apr 1, 2006
Media Bias
Media Bias"A Measure of Media Bias" raised eyebrows when the study ranked The Wall Street Journal as a liberal outlet.
Apr 1, 2006
Sex and the Single Cell
Sex and the Single CellIs a cheatin' heart hard-wired into every female? Research from UCLA indicates that women may have evolved to want to stray during the most fertile part of their cycle -- but only if they find their partners less than, well, hot.
Apr 1, 2006
History with a View
History With a ViewThe Getty Villa features breathtaking views and amazing artifacts -- and also a handful of lucky UCLA grad students from the Cotsen Institute, learning how to conserve the art and cultural pieces from the distant past.
Apr 1, 2006