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Mind Games Sidebar: Visions of Creativity


Published Jul 1, 2009 10:00 AM

We asked three artists to share their visions of creativity, which appear on a small scale throughout the Mind Games article. See them below as they were meant to be seen, big and bold.

Learn more about the future of creativity:

Mind Games: How art and science combine in a world transformed by technology — and how the digital age is testing the essence of creativity.

Sidebar: Digital Humanities: UCLA professors are combining science, art and technology in mysterious ways, from an in-depth look at ancient cities to a unique and progressive way to learn more about meth addictions. Visit each website for yourself.

Flights of Fancy: Bruin faculty from North and South campus offer their unique visual perspectives on creativity.


Creative Sparks, by Hugh Kretschmer.


Brainstorming, by Heads of State.


Every Big Idea Starts Small, by Mirko Ilic.