Kim Vandenberg '07 - 800m Freestyle Relay


By Kristine Breese

Published Jul 1, 2008 8:00 AM

Competing for U.S. ~ 1st Olympics

If swimmer Kim Vandenberg is surprised to find herself still in Westwood, still waterlogged at the Sunset Canyon Recreation Center, she doesn’t let on. "A lot of my friends have moved on and have started their 'real lives,'" she says, "but this is 'real life' for me. Swimming is my job now."

Between coaching, swim lessons and competing for prize money at international meets, Vandenberg says she’s "going to try and make my living at the pool for as long as I can." Of course, she says, that will be a lot easier if she comes home from Beijing with a medal around her neck. "Just making the team is nerve-racking. This will be my third Olympic trials, and I think I finally feel like I really deserve to be there. But anything can happen."

Bronze Medal. Vandenberg competed for a spot in the 100m and 200m Butterfly and the 200m Freestyle. She was selected for the 4x200m Freestyle Relay and swam in the qualifying round, thus earning a Bronze Medal when the team finished third.