Jessica Cosby '05 - Hammer Throw


By Kristine Breese

Published Jul 1, 2008 8:00 AM

Competing for the U.S. ~ 1st Olympics

Cosby can’t let go of the hammer throw. That’s because the 8.82-pound metal ball and four-foot wire is her constant companion, her likely ticket to Beijing … and something she never intended to pick up.

"I was a sprinter as a kid and then a shot-putter in high school, but when I got to UCLA, Coach said everybody needed at least two events. I tried the hammer and I was just so bad. It would go everywhere but where it was supposed to go, but he kept saying he saw something in me and I had to keep at it. Then, I started to get good at it and I was stuck with it," she says with a smile.

Jessica Cosby did not advance past the Aug. 18 qualifying round.