A Bruin Guide to a Great Summer


By Mark Davis

Published Jul 1, 2007 8:00 AM

Bruins are a multifaceted breed, so it's only natural that they develop expertise far from what they studied in college. We caught up with some alumni experts and convinced them to share their secrets for making summer sizzle.

Photos by Hugh Hamilton

Save Your Skin: Elaine Youngs '93

Native Southern Californian Elaine Youngs grew up in the sun, and for the last 13 years she's played professional volleyball, both on and off the beach. She's won more than 30 tournaments, was an MVP in 2002, and won an Olympic medal with fellow Bruin and AVP competitor Holly McPeak. Here are her tips for enjoying the summer without risking your skin.

Skin care is not pretty

Skin care was once about vanity. These days, it's about health. "Sure, we risk looking much older than we actually are at a younger age," Youngs says, "but we also risk skin cancer and other permanent damage."

Top it off and smear it on

"First, wear a hat. You can never have too much coverage for your face. Second, I apply Ocean Potion sunscreen every day before I head to the beach, and I use a higher quality product on my face. I reapply often." How often? Every couple of hours, she says, and especially after going into the water. Waterproof sun block helps, especially with perspiration. Always test sun blocks on a small patch of your own skin before heading out, to avoid allergic reactions.

Save the tat

Skin art needs special attention. When left exposed to sun, tattoo ink can change color drastically, turning a pricey piece of art into a murky mess. "I have a tattoo on my left wrist. It always has sunscreen on it. During tournaments I give it extra protection by wrapping athletic tape around it."

Limit your exposure

"I try to stay in the shade and wear something that covers my body if I have to be on the beach all day," Youngs says. And while you're dressing, don't forget the eyes, since exposure to ultraviolet rays can take a toll on your vision. "Protecting our eyes is very important. I wear Oakley sunglasses [with UV protection]. I never go into the sun without them."

Get wet

Once you're out of the sun, remember to moisturize, Youngs says. A regular regime will help repair and protect the skin. "I use moisturizer in the mornings and after showering, and I use a more expensive moisturizer on my face. I loofah my whole body a few times a week to get rid of dry skin and to allow my skin to replenish itself ... No one wants to look like a leather handbag, especially at a young age."