An Introduction to 100 Ways


Published May 15, 2019 12:16 PM

UCLA makes the world better in countless ways.

Evangelina Vaccaro doesn’t know the term “bubble baby.” She was an infant when Donald Kohn and his team cured her SCID (severe combined immunodeficiency) in a stem cell trial. She does know she has special blood, and she's willing to provide blood samples to help cure other children.

Whether the challenge is grand and has global implications, like writing the plan for the world’s first sustainable megacity, or targeted to the local community, like developing a grading system for restaurants, UCLA is good to go. Whether the university’s contribution takes the shape of mobile health clinics that serve the most helpless among us, or is embodied in civic leaders with UCLA degrees who imagined a great global city and then brought it to life, UCLA makes the world a better place in countless ways, large and small. We could have written 1,000 ways that UCLA changed our world, but we chose these 100 because they represent the breadth and depth of UCLA’s scholarship, research and alumni impact.



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